Grateful & Growing: May 2017

This month has been filled with tears and panic attacks and “I CAN’T DO THIS” screams. It’s unsurprising, considering it’s been exam season. I am so relieved that it’s over (sorry if it’s not yet done for you – hugs).

I haven’t been very present in the world, and I’ve struggled to reflect on what I feel grateful for this month. I’ve struggled to remember anything that’s happened this month. This is where social media is very useful for me. My brain may not have the best record of recent events, but my Twitter timeline does. This doesn’t just provide me with ‘fact’, but helps me to conjure up feelings. For all its faults, the internet does have this use.

When scrolling through my recent tweets, I am struck by how much good music has been released this month. Yes, we’re on that topic again. Music is what I feel grateful for – this month and always – because it provides me with escape, catharsis, excitement, self-realisation, and more.

The most important release is, of course, Harry Styles’ eponymous debut album. I’m not sure that my feelings can be adequately expressed with words. It’s so fun. It’s so beautiful. It makes me feel so proud. It’s everything.

One of my favourite bands of all time released an album on the same day. This band is Paramore. I have loved them since I was 10 years old, and with Zac Farro back in the band I kind of feel 10 again. After Laughter is a stunning album, with lyrics that feel ripped straight from my journals and hooks that make me want to dance like nobody’s watching. ALL THE TIME. I’m so grateful that they’ve stayed a band, in the face of everything that they’ve dealt with. I’m so grateful that their friendships have been mended, and that we get to watch them be them, together. I’m so grateful that they decided to be so honest with their lyrics. I’m so grateful that they took this album in the direction that they wanted to take it. I’m so grateful that they are Paramore.

On top of this, a bunch of my favourite people have released songs, and they’re good. Like, really good. My number one of these tracks is Owning Your Okayness by Milk Teeth. It’s pissed off but it’s more upbeat than anything they’ve done before. It’s a big ‘fuck you’ to anyone who’s fucked you over. It’s a wicked summer tune. Each member of the band’s personality comes through in this song, and I love that. Oh, and the video is fun too.

I made a Spotify playlist of my highlights from this month, to make listening to all this easier for you:

As always, I’d love to hear what you’re appreciating right now, what makes you feel grateful, what makes you feel safe and whole.


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