Grateful & Growing: April 2017

I don’t know what I think of April. I don’t remember enough of it. It’s been one of those months.

What I do remember is that there have been warm days. I know that there has been sunshine. This is a winning combination for me. I am definitely a person who belongs in the heat – I just do not do well with the cold. Plus, everything feels better in the light. I enjoy meals the most when I can eat in the garden. I breathe best when on a walk outdoors, squinting and smiling up at the sun because, apparently, I value that momentary feeling more than I value my eyesight.

However, my favourite part of this shift in weather is not sunny strolls or leisurely breakfasts in the grass. I love that this is when outdoor pools open, which means I get to swim under the sky.

I love to swim. It helps me to manage my mood and my anxiety, it helps me to appreciate my body, and I always have my best thoughts whilst doing breaststroke. I’m not good with stillness, but swimming is a form of meditation for me.

It’s especially good when I’m not in such an enclosed space.

It’s not been that warm, so not many people have been swimming outdoors where I am. I can understand – there have been days when I’ve almost decided against it, and swimming inside. But every time, I’ve resisted that hesitation.

I think that a huge aspect of this is that an outdoor pool feels like one step closer to the ocean. Not to plagiarise the masterpiece that is Moana, but IT CALLS ME.


What I am feeling most grateful for right now is the sunshine, and the [relative] warmth. I am grateful for having access to an outdoor pool, and for having a body that is able to swim. I am grateful for the feeling of moving through the water and breathing in fresh air every time I surface my head. I am grateful for the calm that I only find in that space.

If you reflect on the past month, is there anything that stands out to you as something to be grateful for? Let me know, hearing about what fills others with gratitude makes my heart all warm.


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